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This study examines the effect of resin as a protective layer against wear on carbon fiber composites. Tests were carried out using two methods, namely vacuum infusion and vacuum bagging. The research results show that the Vacuum Infusion method produces lower wear than Vacuum Bagging. Vacuum Infusion specimens have an average wear of 1.37015 x 10-6 mm2/kg, while Vacuum Bagging has an average wear of 4.87425 x 10-6 mm2/kg. Furthermore, the study also examined the average wear rate of carbon fiber composites using variations of vacuum bagging and vacuum infusion. In the carbon fiber specimens, the vacuum infusion variation obtained an average wear rate of 3.26921 x 10-7 s. mm2/kg. Meanwhile, on the carbon fiber specimens, the vacuum bagging variation obtained an average wear rate of 5.22659 x 10-7 s. mm2/kg. Therefore, the Vacuum Infusion method is more suitable for making the UAV Skywalker 1900 fuselage. Additionally, this method serves as a reference for future researchers in developing carbon fiber composite technology to obtain optimal results.


Carbon fiber composite Vacuum Infusion Vacuum Bagging Wear and tear UAV

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