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This research aims to analyze the influence of thrust on elevation angle, range, and altitude of the FFAR 70 MM rocket using three software: Working Model 2D, MATLAB Simulink, and analytical formula. The modeling is conducted by varying the thrust (2265 N, 3265 N, and 4265 N) and elevation angle (30° to 70°). The simulation results reveal significant differences among the three software.The results from Working Model 2D indicate that the optimal thrust is 4265 N with an optimal elevation angle of 30°. On the other hand, MATLAB Simulink shows that the optimal thrust and elevation angle are 4265 N and 50°. Furthermore, the simulation results demonstrate that as the thrust increases, the rocket's range becomes farther and its altitude becomes higher. A comparison between the simulation and experimental data shows that MATLAB Simulink's results approximate the experimental data with a range of approximately 7.869 km.


Roket FFAR Gaya Dorong Sudut Elevasi Working Model 2D MATLAB

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