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This research aims to develop an aeromodelling aircraft with variations in wingtip, winglet fence, and blended winglets. The manufacturing process involves aerodynamic design using 3D software and physical fabrication using polyfoam material. The wing is equipped with carefully shaped airfoils, while electrical components such as Servo, ESC, and motor are installed to control the aircraft's movements. The addition of winglets and wingtips has different effects. The wingtip provides agile flying performance during maneuvers and is more battery-efficient for short-distance flights with exciting actions. Blended winglets improve aerodynamic efficiency and reduce turbulence during long-distance flights, but they are less effective for short distances. Winglet fences perform similarly to Blended Winglets but with lower battery consumption. The choice of the appropriate type of wingtip depends on the flight distance, flying objectives, and specific needs of the aircraft or UAV. This research provides insights for aeromodelling enthusiasts in selecting the appropriate wingtip type based on their flying requirements and desired battery efficiency


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