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The energy crisis is caused by rapid technological developments throughout the world resulting in increased use of fossil energy and global warming, so it is necessary to develop renewable energy technologies to maintain energy stability in the world. One of the renewable energy potentials is wind energy with a Helical rotor type vertical axis wind turbine using NACA 0021 as the blades, the research method used is the numerical method with the result that the wind speed on the parangtritis beach is 4.74 m/s and the air density is 1.2 Kg/m^3 with the power generated using 4 rotor blades of 59.2 Watt/h. then on the paragliding hill, an air speed of 4.55 m/s and an air density of 1.16 Kg/m^3 is obtained, and on the western Yogyakarta ringroad which has an airspeed of 3.885 m/s and an air density of 1.17 Kg/m^3, it produces an electric power of 31.9 Watt/h. The power results generated between the simulation and manual calculations are not much different, so the power accuracy between the two is quite good.


VAWT Rotor Helical NACA 0021 3D Printing

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