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The need for workplace convenience and comfort is an important priority for employees who manage it. Excess in the academic field in a classroom in an inadequate university, has an impact on the learning activities of teaching lecturers as teachers and students as recipients of material is not maximum. The purpose of environmental sensing can give an awarness or sensitivity to remind the user before entering a room where the environment is to be located. The IoT (Internet of Things) based advantage uses ESP32 as a microcontroller that can transmit data over the Internet with an integrated temperature sensor DHT22 that can read room temperature and humidity around the results of sensor readings sent to the Blynk  app on the user's mobile device. Dht22 temperature sensor in this research had error percentage 1.37%. It is expected to be able to provide comfort to the user and in the field of health and can give long-term effect to the electrical devices present in the classroom so that they are more slow and durable.


Environmental Sensing IoT ESP32 DHT22

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